Finished with my 552 paper and online portfolio!

Phew. It’s been a long process writing this 10-page paper which is actually 14 pages. Sigh, I’ll work harder to hit the target size next time. This is the first real academic paper I’ve written in about 20 years, since I graduated from Cal, and it was a bit of a stretch to get my mind back into the process. I spent probably over 40 hours in research, writing and revisions. Let’s hope my other papers don’t take me this long, or I’m going to be in trouble, seeing they’re due in about a week.

I had to cut material from my paper because it didn’t best fit my thesis, and because my paper was already way too long. It’s good scholarship, however, so I’ll likely post what I left out of my paper, and some quick pieces on the resources I reviewed but did not write about, but give me until after my papers are due before I start posting. I still have my nose to the grindstone, but I’m having fun in the process.